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ten percent folks Singles are utilizing online dating sites

By May 20, 2023Uncategorized

Here are a few online dating statistics from the POF site. It’s my opinion these figures are for 2011 and simply concern the United States.

  • discover 54 million single mom hookups
  • Of those 10 % (5.5 million) are making use of a dating service
  • 2.6 million purchase the service leaving 2.9 million which do not.
  • In general 8.8 million have actually tried online dating sites

in line with the United States Census last year there had been 95.9 million single folks in the US. Thus I guess about 40 percent of those must be in some kind of common law union and just have not hitched. It’s my opinion the 10% figure of people that make use of dating sites probably hasn’t changed a lot over the past five years. The secret now for internet dating sites is to find another 49 million to test internet dating.