Why visit the hygienist?

It is possible to visit without a referral, or you may have been prescribed treatment as part of a preventative treatment plan. With the help of our dedicated team of hygienists, our patients can prevent gum disease and get treatment when they need it most. You will receive the skills and training you need to maintain healthy gums and teeth over a lifetime.

What happens during a dental hygienist appointment?
During the appointment your hygienist will carry out an initial dental hygiene examination. They will then: Offer tailored advice on how to maintain good dental health and demonstrate techniques you can use at home.

How often should you see a dental hygienist?
Your dentist might suggest that you should see a hygienist at regular intervals to help you manage your oral health, or you might just choose to book an appointment whenever suits you to remove stains and freshen up your smile. Dental hygienists are the experts in managing the health of your gums.